enlargeOur Policy/Credit Warranty Policy
Atlantic Jet Support will, at their option, repair, replace,or refund the purchase price of goods, found defective during the warranty period. All instruments and electronic components, unless otherwise noted, will carry manufacturers warranty from date of sale.
Atlantic Jet Support may, at their option, extend the warranty for an additional six months period to allow for shelf life prior to installation. Atlantic Jet Support reserves the right to deny warranty on units subjected to abuse, abnormal damage or removal of warranty seals.

Limitations of Warranty
The above warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedy. It is expressly in lieu of any and all other warranties and obligations expressed or implied. Atlantic Jet Support makes nowarranty, express or implied, of merchantability or fitness of purpose. In no event will Atlantic Jet Support be liable for resultant damage, loss of use, or consequential damages.

Exchange Policy
Exchange price is determined on the basis of returned cores received from customers will be in normal repairable condition. Atlantic Jet Support reserves the right to reject any core that has been damaged from abnormal causes such as, but not limited to, fire, crash, submersion, cannibalization, or previous repairs. If abnormal damage is discovered the original exchange price may no longer be applicable, and the customer may be billed for additional parts and labor over and above the normal exchange rate. Atlantic Jet Support reserves the right to reject any core that we determine cannot be repaired and returned service in compliance will applicable FARís. If the customerís core us deemed unrepairable, or in our determination is uneconomical to repair, they will be notified and given the opportunity to provide and acceptable core. If an acceptable core is provided in a timely manner, the out right price shall apply.

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